Are You Using Oxygen Efficiently? Do This 1-Minute Self-Test

We all know the importance of oxygen for health and vitality, so we want to be sure we're using the oxygen we breathe in efficiently. In this post and the video below, I'm going to share with you a simple test that you can do to measure your levels of oxygen efficiency.

This test takes less than a minute and is something that you can do every day and see how your levels improve over time. This is important because the better you are at using oxygen in your body, the healthier you are. Using oxygen efficiently is vital to your longevity. So we want to incorporate ways to more efficiently use oxygen in our body and get better use of the oxygen that we're taking in.

Holding your breath after an exhalation and seeing how long you can do that is a great way to test your levels of oxygen efficiency. And the key to this is we're not trying to see how long we can hold our breath when we push beyond the comfort zone. Sometimes we do that in breath work. And that has its own purposes and intentions and benefits.

But in this particular test we want to see how long we can very naturally and comfortably hold an exhalation. Watch the video below and follow the step by step guidance.

A great time to do this is first thing in the morning, when you wake up before you've had anything to eat or drink. You can do this during the day as well. But first thing in the morning, it's a really great time to do this.

  1. You want to be sitting down in a comfortable position with your back straight.
  2. Try to be free of any distractions or anything that would take your attention away.
  3. You want to be breathing normally, relaxing your breath and take a couple breaths in and out very normally.
  4. Then on your exhale, let all of the air come out and turn on a stopwatch. You're gonna hold your breath here.
  5. See how long you can hold your breath with it being very comfortable without feeling like you have a really big urge to take a breath.
  6. And then when you can't hold your breath any longer, stop your stopwatch, and see how long that was.

It's likely going to be less than a minute, because again, we're not trying to push ourselves and hold our breath for a super long time.

Here's the gauge that you can use to measure your results. 

  • 10 seconds or less = Very Poor O2 Efficiency. Poor Health and Possible health issues.
  • 10sec - 20 sec. = Poor O2 Efficiency. Below Average Health
  • 20sec - 30 sec = Average O2 Efficiency. Average Health
  • 30sec - 40 sec = Good O2 Efficiency. Good Health
  • 40sec - 60 sec = Great O2 Efficiency. Great Health
  • 60sec - 2 min = Superhuman Yogi

I want to stress this is not a competition, you're not trying to push yourself here. You just want to see how long you can hold your breath on the exhale, until you naturally need to take another breath.

And if you scored in those lower numbers, that's okay. This is something that you can practice and improve over time. So it's a great daily practice. Again, it takes less than a minute. So it's something that you can do every day and see how this improves over time.

You may find that you go from 15 to 20 seconds. And before long, you may see that you're up to 30 seconds, and then 40 seconds. So give this a try. Share your results in the comments on YouTube. 

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