Breathwork for Self-Love

What does the word Self-Love mean to you? Perhaps old beliefs and programs from your upbringing cause you to equate self-love with selfishness or egotism. Perhaps it feels like it conflicts with certain religious views you’ve been exposed to throughout your life. Just sit with the word and notice how it feels in your body. Is there resistance?

Self-love is not selfish, egotistical or anti-religious. Unconditional love is the message of religious texts. It’s essential for living a healthy, abundant life.

So many people don’t love themselves. Perhaps you can relate. The mental chatter that runs through your mind is mostly harsh self-criticism rather than love and grace. You’re hard on yourself, you talk down to yourself, you beat yourself up with your harsh words.

And because of this, you don’t feel worthy or deserving to receive good things in your life. You experience anxiety, depression, and unease. You’ve closed yourself off to the flow of love, joy, and abundance.

Why do we do this? The beautiful thing is that you can choose to change. It’s a decision you get to make. You hold the power.

Two major components of healing are cultivating self-love/acceptance and offering forgiveness to others and yourself.

That’s why I made you this very special breathwork meditation to help you call in self-love. It’s a practice. If you’ve spent decades not loving yourself, then it will take time to turn that around and form a new way of being.  

Practice this 20-minute guided breathwork journey regularly to release old faulty belief patterns and cultivate self-love in your life.

As you cultivate self-love and self-acceptance, you become more loving, compassionate, and forgiving toward yourself and others. You respect yourself and learn how to set health boundaries. You’re able to give more and you begin to attract more love into your life.

Ready to dive deeper? If you're ready to address the underlying emotional roots and limiting beliefs contributing to your anxiety, unease, or discomfort, then I invite you to schedule a complimentary mind-body assessment call with me. We will connect 1:1 via zoom and you'll have a chance to see if transformational health and breathwork coaching is the best next step for you.


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