Essential Oils and More for Lymphatic Support

Your lymphatic system is made up of the tissues and organs (bone marrow, thymus, spleen, lymph nodes, etc) that produce and store the cells used to fight infection and disease. The lymphatic system transports immune cells through a fluid called lymph. 

Congested lymph sets the stage for illness and disease. There are many effective, natural methods for stimulating and decongesting the flow of lymph. Essential oils are one super easy way to support your lymphatic system through cleansing, decongesting, and drainage.

In this video I share some top essential oils that you can easily use to support the functioning of your lymphatic system. I also discuss other tools and techniques that are helpful to incorporate alongside essential oils. 

For overall lymphatic support:

  • Cypress, sandalwood, digestzen


  • Lemon, lime


  • Cypress, grapefruit, lemongrass, helichrysum


  • Helichrysum, lemongrass

Waste elimination:

  • Lavender

Watch the video to learn the best ways to use these oils and how to apply them.

Additional tools for lymphatic support

  • Breathwork, rebounding, dry brushing

Ready to incorporate essential oils into your wellness routine? Click here to see the best way to purchase essential oils. 

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