How to Celebrate Earth Day by Taking Action at Home

essential oils Apr 22, 2020

I’ve been spending more time lately in quiet reflection and meditation. One of the things I’ve become more aware of and conscious of is how I’m treating the environment. In celebration of Earth Day, I’m sharing some ideas with you.

What role am I playing in its destruction or its vitality? Am I supporting the earth? Or are my actions causing harm? As we celebrate Earth Day today, I invite you to spend some time in reflection and contemplate some of these questions.

Let’s observe without judgement what we might be able to do better. What changes can we implement on an individual level that can have a positive impact on a global level?

Here are a few ways that you can begin to create positive environmental change at home:

  • Detox your home with non-toxic alternatives
  • Begin using reusable bags for shopping. Also consider reusable bags for your produce items and bulk items.
  • Limit the amount of packaged foods you purchase. 
  • Buy from companies that are environmentally conscious, source sustainable products, and use eco-friendly packaging. There are many; do your research.
  • Buy organic and non GMO – the more people who support clean food, the less power BIG agriculture and Monsanto will have over our food supply.
  • Shop local; go to farmers markets and support local businesses, especially those that are environmentally conscious
  • Start composting – get a compost set and begin composting your food waste. (This is on my list to implement!!)
  • Choose meat in which the animals are raised responsibly with love and not factory farmed.
  • Drive less and walk or bike more – this is good for your health in so many ways!
  • Give back to the earth – plant trees, start a garden, get involved with an organization that is protecting the planet. We’ve become a culture of constantly taking from the earth. It’s time to give back.

Climate change is real and it’s a big problem. I read a book recently that was written just before this current situation we’re in, and according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, we have only 12 more years to drastically change our entire society to avoid global ecological disaster. 

We’re seeing it now. I truly see this situation as a manifestation of how we’ve been treating the planet, our bodies, other people, plants, animals, water, land, and air. Perhaps this is a forced pause from Mother Nature. This is a symptom of the way humans have been living and treating the planet- pollution, deforestation, chemicals, factory farming, pesticides, etc.

In Dr. Bruce Lipton’s Book, The Biology of Belief, he writes, “While there have been five mass extinctions in the history of our planet, they are all presumed to have been caused by extraterrestrial events, such as a comet smashing to earth. One of the new studies concludes that the “natural world is experiencing the sixth, major extinction event in its history.” (Lovell 2004) This time though, the cause of the extinction is not extraterrestrial. According to one of the study’s authors, Jeremy Thomas, “As far as we can tell this one is caused by one animal organism—man.”

Crisis signifies an event of great danger AND great opportunity. The danger gives us motivation to wake up, so we can hopefully see this as an opportunity to create positive change and growth. 

One day things will return to normal but it will be a new normal. It will require that we as a collective take the utmost care of our beautiful planet, all of life, and our own bodies and minds. 

I encourage you on this Earth Day to take time to reflect on simple ways you can contribute to the healing of the planet. It starts with each one of us taking responsibility and embracing change. Let’s make everyday Earth Day.

What will you change?


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