Key Findings from Consumer Advocate Group on 11 Top Essential Oil Brands

essential oils nutrition Jul 08, 2019

Recently, an independent consumer watch group known as blind tested three essential oils from 11 top essential oil brands. The report states that its “team spent over 600 hours of research”.

Below you’ll find a recap of their findings on the quality and purity of the different oils from the 11 brands. 

Spoiler Alert: The report confirms that the majority of oils on the market are adulterated and doTERRA was one of the few brands to come back with a clean report. 

This group spent over 600 hours of research analyzing the best essential oil brands. They evaluated 4 different categories: 

  1. Quality and Testing
  2. Consumer Education
  3. Safety
  4. Sustainable Sourcing

Testing on following brands came back clean showing no adulteration or synthetics:

  • doTERRA – came back without markers for adulteration.
  • Ameo – tested negative for adulteration.
  • Aromatics International – results came back from the lab without indicators of adulteration.

Testing on the following brands indicated adulteration or added ingredients that are not listed on the label. 

  • Artisan Aromatics – the results came back with adulteration markers for their lavender oil.
  • Aura Cacia – The GC-MS test conducted by APRC detected synthetic markers in Aura Cacia’s lavender oil.
  • Eden’s Garden – the lavender oil purchased from the company came back from the lab with indicators of adulteration
  • Mountain Rose Herbs – Both lavender and tea tree oils came back negative for any adulteration but addition of menthol, menthyl acetate, and Himalayan Cedarwood were detected in their peppermint oil. 
  • Now – their peppermint oil came back with the addition of menthol and menthyl acetate, while their lavender oil came back with synthetic markers of linalyl acetate.
  • Plant Therapy – The lab results detected synthetic markers of linalyl acetate on their lavender oil and addition of menthol and menthyl acetate on their peppermint oil.
  • Rocky Mountain – lab results detected the addition of menthol and menthyl acetates were detected in Rocky Mountain’s peppermint oil. 
  • Young Living – The results of Young Living’s lavender oil came back adulterated, with synthetic markers of linalyl acetate.

doTERRA is also a leader in sustainability and proper sourcing. doTERRA sources its 100+ oils from more than 40 countries, more than half of which are in developmental stages.

One of the things I love about doTERRA in addition to their superior oils, is there initiative called Co-Impact Sourcing. The program aims to create sustainable jobs with reliable incomes, based on timely payments at fair prices. 

doTERRA encourages growers and harvester groups to form co-ops, for increased bargaining power. Through our Healing Hands Foundation, doTERRA also supports developmental projects, including schools, infrastructure, and potable water systems.

I talk about the importance of quality A LOT, and it’s great to see an independent advocate group and independent lab showing the same results that we guarantee. 

If you want to find out how you can get the purest, safest oils at the best prices, click here for details or feel free to contact me!



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