Sneak Peek Into My Daily Essential Oils Routine

essential oils nutrition Jun 30, 2019

One of the questions I get asked most is, “What does my daily essential oils routine look like?” In this video I’m breaking it down for you and giving you a sneak peek into my daily essential oils routine. 

We are going to walk through my house, and I’ll share with you all of the essential oilsthat I use from morning to night. 

We’ll cover…

  • Which oils I keep in my bathroom and I how I use them
  • Which oils I keep in my kitchen
  • How I use oils during the day while I’m working
  • My go-to oils in the morning
  • The oils I use at night for sleep
  • And everything in between

Click below to watch the video. 

After recording this video, I was amazed by the number of oils I use in a given day. They have truly become an integral part of my lifestyle and wellness routine. Essential oils and products with essential oils have replaced all of our candles, household cleaners, air fresheners, and most personal care and skin care products. 

I love being able to use non-toxic, safe plant-based products that are just as or more effective than the synthetic version, and don’t have any harmful side-effects.

Please share in the comments how you use essential oils in throughout your day!

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