Use this Breathing Technique for Whole Brain Activation

In Pranayama the left and right nostrils and airway channels are called ida (left nostril) and pingala (right nostril). During the day you usually only breathe through one nostril at a time.

If you are breathing easier through your left nostril it means you are using more of your right brain, and if you breathing easier from your right nostril it means you are using more of your left brain functions. 

You can check this yourself by holding your finger to each nostril and feeling which side the air is flowing most effortlessly in.

Watch this video to learn how to practice Alternate Nostril Breathing

When you perform this ancient breathing technique you stimulate both sides of your brain and awaken whole brain functioning by alternating between which nostril your breathe in and out of.

This is a powerful purifying and harmonizing technique for your blood and nervous system too.

Alternate nostril breathing is great way to activate both hemispheres of the brain.

When your right nostril is dominant, the left side of your brain is functioning better. Your thinking, reasoning, and learning will be better at these times. Your metabolism and digestion will also be working faster.

When your left nostril is dominant, the right side of your brain is functioning better. Your creativity and inspiration will be stronger in this case. Have you ever had those times where the information won’t sink in no matter how many times you read it? That’s probably because your left nostril and right brain were dominant.

Alternate nostril breathing restores your natural nasal cycle and balances the activity of both hemispheres of your brain.


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